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Toga Party

Rome’s Ultimate Party requests your presence for a night of drinking, eating, music and partying like the gods once did in the Eternal City.


Our yearly Toga Party is always on “Ferragosto” The Festival of Emperor Augustus so no better night to party like an ancient roman.

Togas are provided for the evening but if you show up in your own toga outfit you get 5 Euro discount. 

So the low down €30 gets you *happy hour/open bar

(unlimited drinking ….. Beer, Wine or long/mixed drinks Vodka, Gin, Malibu, Whiskey or Rum)

and the pizza buffet going from 10 pm until 11 pm and a welcome shot if you get get your tickets online.

If you are going to run a bit late or are not a big drinker, you can hop on the crawl between 10 - 11:15 pm with one drink and one shot for the reduced cost of €20.

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