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Monday Bar hop and Pub Crawl

Monday Night

The party never stops even on a Monday!!

We meet as always at Highlander Pub. 

€30 gets you *happy hour/open bar , the pizza buffet from 10 pm until 11 pm and if you get get your tickets online a welcome shot.

*(unlimited drinking ….. Beer, Wine or long/mixed drinks Vodka, Gin, Malibu, Whiskey or Rum)

If you are going to run a bit late or are not a big drinker, you can hop on the crawl between 10 - 11:30 pm with one drink and one shot for the reduced cost of €20.


After the open bar is finished there is time for some drinking games and a little dance before leaving for at least another two bars  one of which will be a dance bar that is open till 3:30 pm. 


We might end up in a club so please dress to impress but comfortable shoes for the crawl ladies but no open sandals/flip flops or vest/tank tops for the gentlemen.

(Pay at the door? Yes, but only in cash $,£ or €

Book online if you would like to pay by card. )

Meeting Point The Highlander Pub

(Don't be late for open bar it starts at 10pm sharp for an hour!

running late or not a big drinker you guys must join by

11:15 to get your drink of choice)

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