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Next Event is the 4th of July Party Bus

Rome Ultimate Pub Crawl - 20 Years Strong and Still Going!

This epic bar hopping adventure has been thrilling visitors to the Eternal City for an incredible 20 years.

Year after year, this beloved pub crawl just keeps getting better and better. For virgins of the crawl each night, you'll visit 4 of Rome's hippest, most welcoming bars and clubs, meeting fellow fun-loving travelers along the way. The friendly, knowledgeable guides ensure you see the very best of Rome's vibrant nightlife scene, including hidden gems that only the locals know about.

The Rome Pub Crawl delivers an unforgettable evening of pure joy and excitement. After two decades, it's still the hottest ticket in town for anyone seeking an epic night out in Rome. Join the parties and find out why this iconic pub crawl is still packing them in after all these years!

Throughout this year we will have some of our most loved theme parties so stay tune to all the events!


The next one is our 4th of July Party Bus Fun! 2024! 


Stay tuned for all the updates. 

Get ready to party like it's 1776! We're celebrating the 20th anniversary of our 4th of July celebrations in epic style.

The night starts with an open bar and pizza at 9:30, then we'll hit up another bar before boarding our own private party bus to the outdoor club. No lines, just good times! And if you still going strong at 3:15am, we'll shuttle you back to the center. Let's make this a night to remember, or forget, depending on how much you drink!

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