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Get ready to party in epic style.

Twenty year of doing this and tonight we make our promo night all about the outdoor club and get to the club in style with a private party bus.!!! 

What are we talking about?!!!

We are going to kick it off by meeting at 9:30 for open bar and pizza for one hour, Then we are going make a quick spot off at another bar before we head on over to with the party bus (You can get drinks on the bus but they only take cash), to our outdoor club where you will skip the line and dance the night away.

But the fun doesn't stop there if you are still at the club by 3:00am you can grab the bus back to the center
(Piazza della Repubblica (Roma)


GIrls mustn't wear sneakers!!!!!! You might not gain enter into the club
Boy's mustn't wear sports gear of any type and not flip flops.
And Please leave hats and sunglasses at home!
This is an amazing club so a dress code is required tonight!


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