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Party nights in Rome

To be(er) of course, always... Now to all of you who are craving for some party in the Eternal City: Currently we run every night of the week. The appointment is always at the Highlander pub. Happy Hour/Open Bar and the Pizza Buffet go from 10pm until 11pm. 30 Euro to enjoy the Power Hour plus a shot at the door of every venue we visit.

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Happy birthday to you!!

Make the Party that bit special by starting it with a bottle of 

Prosecco before open bar, 10 edited photos of your group and birthday boy or girl get a Happy birthday t-shirt and he or she goes free.


Hen's and Stag's

We have a proud record of hosting memorable Stag and Hen/ Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in the Eternal City for many years now. We excel at tailoring the event that will commemorate the final moments of your singlehood according to your needs and desires.

We are gonna make it a night to remember 

No upcoming events at the moment
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